Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Human Beings Are Emotional Creatures First, Rational Creatures Second

"Human Beings Are Emotional Creatures First, Rational Creatures Second."
- David Julio Wang

The brain can be metaphorically divided into 3 parts :
1. Reptilian
2. Mammalian
3. Neo Cortex (Rational Brain)

The Reptilian brain is what governs instinct and physiological attributes.

The Mammalian brain is what governs emotions and social bonding.

The Neo Cortex is what makes rational thought possible.


Now, in terms of development, the Neo Cortex was the last part of the brain to develop.
The Reptilian brain is nearly entirely subconscious, with the bodies physiological processes going mostly unnoticed by our conscious mind.
The Mammalian brain is our feelings which are extremely powerful.


Now, one could say that human beings are physiological creatures first, but doing so would be redundant, since being human is what we are,
I think it is more accurate to say that human beings are feeling, emotional creatures first and rational, logical creatures second.



Think about this for a moment.
You can feel the truth of this statement.
It just feels right, and this has feeling,
feelings period,
have far more influence over us than all the rational, logical thought in the world.


"Why'd you do that?"

"It felt right."

That's ultimately why any of us do anything.