Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Judge Any Man Until You Have Walked Two Moons In His Moccasins

"Don't Judge Any Man Until You Have Walked Two Moons In His Moccasins." - Indian Proverb

Words to live by to be sure.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It Takes A Global Village, To Raise A Global Child

"It Takes A Global Village, To Raise A Global Child." - David Julio Wang

The world has become a small place, with the whole of humanity very close to each other.
Cultures are meeting and melding on a scale unseen in the history of humanity.
Today's children are children of the whole human race.

The Internet provides a tool for everyone to interact with each other on a scale heretofore unknown.
The Internet has become a forum for everyone to seek advice from the entirety of one's fellow human beings.
With the Internet, the concept of a Global Village has become a reality.

Friday, June 12, 2009

When A Door Closes, A Window Opens

"When A Door Closes, A Window Opens." - Dutch Proverb

The only constant is change.
When one path in life is blocked,
another path is opened up.
Such is the nature of balance,
and balance is the state the universe will always ceaselessly be seeking.

"There Is No Such Thing As A Dead End,
Even If You Cannot Immediately See A Way Out."
- David Julio Wang

This reminds me of Rand in The Wheel of Time when he was trapped in a trunk,
shielded from the True Source,
and going mad from being endlessly cramped, beaten, and asphyxiating.
There appeared no way out,
but desperation drove him to find one,
and he did.
I do not wish that kind of horrible situation on anyone (including myself),
but even when a situation is horrible,
there is a way,
there is a path,
and you can find it.