Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It Is Never Wrong To Follow One's Heart

"It Is Never Wrong To Follow One's Heart." - David Julio Wang

Even if you can't see the value in it.
Even if you don't think things will turn out well.

If you have looked into your heart, past the doubts and confusions, and do what you feel is truly right for you, it is never wrong.

The question you need to always ask yourself, though, is this :
"Do I truly know my own heart?"

Speaking for myself, I believe all human beings are noble, loving and generous at their truest nature.

If I do what is in my heart, I do things to heal and help my fellow human beings.

That is why I can recommend anyone to follow their heart.

If someone does not believe human's truest nature is such, I personally, would question if they truly know what is in their heart.

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